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                Our company HAINING SANTO TRADING CO., LTD locates at Zhejiang province of China. She is a member of YINGLY GROUP LIMITED, who is  one of the excellent exporters in China. Our office is equipped with a 5 floor building around 6000sqm, a 2000sqm warehouse and 2 showrooms. The 40 members in our team are capable and experienced with professional and practical working styles.
                Our product range covers hand tools, hardware, agricultural & garden tools, power tools & accessories, personal protection equipment, construction material and so on.
                Equipped with rich experience in exporting, we developed strong network of distribution. Our products are spread to the countries all over Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa.
                After years of management, we created our strong brands such as: HONEST, HONESTPLUS, SANTOPLUS, LEADERBRICO and TOOLSBUDDY etc, which are well-known in the buyers local markets. As a strong backup force, we have a great number of stable suppliers to enable us offer high performance price ratio (PPR) products and quick delivery to our clients. With the experience of long-term cooperation with our clients, we are committed to provide one-stop purchasing service to our customers. In view of our perfect service, superior quality of the goods, good business standing, we have won a good reputation among the clients. Now most of our customers have been one of the biggest importers in their countries.
                As a part of our continuous development schedule, we have established our branch PACCAYA OUTLET PTY LTD and the relative brand PACCAYA in Melbourne Australia. The branch in Spain is in establishing and will be coming up soon.
                We sincerely hope that we could establish a friendly and long-term business relationship with more companies domestics and overseas.Welcome to join us!

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